The balance of maintaining a cool, enjoyable temperature in the house while keeping the electric bill low has always been a precarious challenge for many households during the summer. While air conditioners keep a room cool effectively, they usually are expensive, hard to install, and come with a hefty electric bill. So, is there a better alternative? Is there a product that is both effective at keeping a room cool, but also efficient? Long before air conditioners were invented, people have relied on ceiling fans to make a room more comfortable by creating air circulation. While the first ceiling fans were invented around 140 years ago, they are still being used today and have come a long way with new improvements that can act as a sufficient substitute towards air conditioners.

That being said, while ceiling fans are a good solution for keeping your household cool, they do come with their drawbacks. With the plethora of ceiling fans on the market it can be hard to determine which one is the right choice for your home. In this article we will be taking ceiling fans with downrod as an example, and we will discuss the pros and cons of installing a downrod ceiling fan to your home.


What are Ceiling Fans with downrod?

Ceiling fans with downrod are fans that come with a metal pipe that connects the motor part of the fan with the mount of the fan that attaches to the ceiling. A downrod ensures that there is proper airflow in your room by ensuring there is the right amount of distance between the ceiling fan blades and the ceiling. It also ensures there is the right amount of distance between the floor and the blades.

Pros of a Downrod Ceiling Fan

Better Air Circulation: Ceiling fans with downrod are better than other types of fans at providing good air circulation. They achieve this by making sure there is optimal distances between the ceiling and the fan, along with the fan and the floor itself. Usually you need around 10 inches of space between the ceiling and the fan, and a minimum distance of 7 feet to ensure you have optimal air flow within your room. There are multiple different lengths for downrods to ensure you have the perfect fit for your household.

Efficient: Downrod ceiling fans make a room feel cooler by making sure there is constant airflow in your room. This allows you to making keep your thermostats at a higher temperature in the summer and keep the temperature lower during the winter. This means your air conditioners and furnaces don’t need to work as hard to increase or decrease the temperature in your room since the heat is evenly distributed. In turn this ensures your heating/cooling systems in your households run more efficiently, sometimes you may even choose to give your air conditioners a break and just let your downrod ceiling fan do the work!

Stylish: Ever since ceiling fans have been invented, they have come along way in not only their function and efficiency, but also in their style. There are so many different styles and designs of ceilings fans with downrod, that they are able to fit in both modern or classic household setups. The fans themselves also are able to add a different, but elegant look to your home. So if you are looking to add a different vibe or look to your room, a downrod ceiling fan is definitely the way to go.

Cons of Ceiling Fans with Downrod

Sometimes They Can Be a Bit Wiggly: Since ceiling fans with downrod usually consist of 4 separate pieces (The motor, the fan blades, the mount, the downrod), if these parts aren’t a tight fit and are made at a good quality, it sometimes can lead to the fan being not stable or wiggly when turned on. This will disrupt the stable air circulation within your room causing it to be not as efficient, not to mention seeing your ceiling fan wiggle doesn’t necessarily make you feel safe. Ensuring that you buy your ceiling fan from a trusted company or manufacturer is the way to go when purchasing and installing a downrod ceiling fan to your home.

Can Be Hard to Install: As mentioned in our previous paragraph, usually ceiling fans with downrod come with multiple separate parts. This can make the installation process hard, confusing, or even frustrating. A solution to this issue usually is by hiring a professional to help you do the installation. That however will increase your costs and a good ceiling fan usually should be easy enough to install for any DIY enthusiast.

Requires Quite a Lot of Space: While downrod ceiling fans come in a variety of different designs and sizes, the average size of ceiling fans with downrod are 52-inch ceiling fans. This requires your room to have sufficient space or else it may be too dangerous to be installed in your home as large blades can be a hazard for people that are taller in smaller homes. Therefore before deciding on which ceiling fan to buy, you need to make sure that the size of the downrod ceiling fan will fit perfectly in your household.

Warmiplanet’s Downrod Ceiling Fan
Now that we have discussed and looked into the Pros and Cons of ceiling fans with downrod, some may have a hard time deciding where to look for the optimal ceiling fan for their home. As we know there are vast amounts of different choices on the market, so what is a good choice? Today we will be looking into one of the best ceiling fans with downrod on the market. Warmiplanet’s 48-Inch Pure White Silent Motor Ceiling Fan with Lights.


Warmiplanet’s 48 Inch Downrod Ceiling Fan is a 48 Inch, 3 blade pure white downrod ceiling fan with lights, remote control, and a silent motor. This pure white ceiling fan comes with an optional 24W tri-color light, which can be used in a variety of scenarios. It’s not only easy to install, but it has a minimalist design style, giving it a simple but decent aesthetic. The white glass lampshade gives it an elegant and stylish look. The quite motor and stable blades make you sleep better at night, and to top it all off, it is remote controlled.

Why is Warmiplanet’s Downrod Ceiling Fan Good?

Easy to Install and Use: Warmiplanet’s ceiling fans with downrod are extremely easy to install. They have video instructions which allow any DIY enthusiast to get hands down and install this ceiling fan. The fan itself is turned on with a remote control, making it extremely easy to use, you can use it to turn on the lights or the fan itself to be used separately or together. Warmiplanet’s ceiling fans with downrod are definitely one of the easiest fans to use and install on the market.

Provide Ambient Light: Warmiplanet’s downrod ceiling fan comes with a built in LED light. Since they’re usually installed in the center of the room where you usually would have a ceiling light anyway, you can have both a light and a source of wind for your room. This allows you to have extra functionality on a fixture that was going to only provide a light source!

Silent and Stable: As mentioned earlier, Warmiplanet’s downrod ceiling fan is equipped with a quite motor and stable blades. This ensures that the fan wont wiggle when turned on, and it has minimal noise to affect you. When turned on, Warmiplanet’s ceiling fans with downrod create noise of under 50 decibels, making the noises of the running blades unnoticeable!

If you are interested in this ceiling fan and would like to find out more you may check the following link:

Ceiling fans with downrod come in many different designs and sizes, with the plethora of choices on the market it can be hard to make the right choice as these fans come with their upsides and downsides. Warmiplanet’s downrod ceiling fan is a great choice as while it has all the Pros of any downrod ceiling fan, it excels in that it minimizes or compensates on the Cons these downrod ceiling fans usually have. Warmiplanets downrod ceiling fan is not only efficient and stylish, but its easy to install, easy to use, silent, stable, and a bit smaller than majority of the fans on the market making it a go to choice for someone looking to add ceiling fans with downrod in their households! Thanks for reading!