Large, 120-inch outdoor ceiling fan


Whether looking to add a touch of style to an outdoor living area or need extra cooling power during the summer, outdoor ceiling fans can provide an excellent solution. There are also many designs for this fan, from the traditional to the more modern. With this guide, you can be sure your outdoor ceiling fan will keep your summer days cooler and more enjoyable.

What are Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are electrical appliances that use a motor to rotate blades and move air around a room or outdoor space. The most common type of ceiling fan is those based on a single central hub, with multiple blades spreading out from it in all directions.

As the air moves, it causes a wind chill effect. Most often, ceiling fans are installed in a central location on the ceiling. This helps to distribute cool air throughout a room or space evenly. You can also use a ceiling fan outdoors. In these spaces, the cooling breeze created by the fan help to make spending time outdoors enjoyable.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans are ceiling fans that are meant specifically for outdoor applications. This can be an outdoor ceiling fan for a patio, porch, or outside places. Here are a few of the most asked questions about these fans answered so that you can understand them better.

Do Outdoor Ceiling Fans Work?

They do! Outdoor ceiling fans are designed to work in outdoor spaces and provide added comfort. The cooling breeze created by these fans can make it much more comfortable to spend time outside, especially in the summer.

This fan can also keep bugs away by dispersing them with its steady breeze. High CFM is necessary when using outdoor ceiling fans since the spaces to circulate air are usually open.

Are Outdoor Ceiling Fans Waterproof?

Depending on their rating, outdoor ceiling fans can be waterproof. For that reason, if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or ice, choose one specifically designed for use in those conditions, as we will see later.

Can you Use Outdoor Ceiling Fan Indoors?

Most definitely! Despite their being rated for harsh environments, you can still use outdoor ceiling fans indoors. They are only meant to offer more protection against moisture and weather elements so that they will work just as well inside. Some people prefer using them indoors if living in areas with higher humidity levels.

 Damp rated outdoor ceiling fan


Outdoor Ceiling Fan Ratings

Because conditions vary, you must choose a fan with the correct rating for your application. Each fan is rated according to its ability to handle different elements, such as moisture and water. Therefore, outdoor ceiling fan ratings are usually either for damp or wet locations.

Damp-Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Damp-rated outdoor ceiling fans are typically meant for covered outdoor spaces such as porches, where the fan will be exposed to some moisture from rain but not much water directly. These fans can handle some moisture but aren't meant to be used in areas with heavy rain and snow.

Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans

On the other hand, wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are designed to withstand direct exposure to water and moisture. These fans can handle a lot of rain, snow, and other weather elements. They're also the type of fans to use in areas that may get wet from sprinklers or swimming pools.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

When choosing the best outdoor ceiling fan for your space, you'll, no doubt, be looking for something stylish and functional. For that, you'll have many different features and styles. Here, we explain these options so you can find the right outdoor fan for your space.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Light

You may choose an outdoor ceiling fan with light for added convenience and style. These fans come with integrated lighting fixtures to provide additional illumination. Plus, they give you the flexibility to control the fan and light separately to get the perfect air circulation and lighting combination.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote 

Another great feature to look for in an outdoor ceiling fan is a remote control option. This allows you to easily adjust the speed or turn on/off the fan without stepping outside. Depending on the model, your outdoor ceiling fan with remote control may even offer multi-speed settings so that you can adjust the airflow to your personal preference.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote

You can find an outdoor ceiling fan with light and remote control features for the ultimate convenience and style. It makes a perfect combination for areas where it takes more work to reach the fan, such as high ceilings or hard-to-reach places.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Flush Mount

Is your ceiling height too low for a hanging fan? If so, consider an outdoor ceiling fan with flush mount options. These are designed to fit close to the ceiling and help keep your space neat while providing excellent air circulation.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Heater

Consider an outdoor ceiling fan with a heater attached if you live in a cooler climate. These fans can help keep your space warm and comfortable during chilly nights or on those days when the temperatures drop unexpectedly.


Outdoor ceiling fan installationResource:

How to Install Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Installing an outdoor ceiling fan is a simple process. All you need are the right supplies and some basic safety precautions. Also, consult the instructions manual for your particular outdoor ceiling fan installation steps. Generally, you will have a fan that uses a down rod or a flush-mounted fan.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Downrod Installation

If your fan uses a down rod, first, you must attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling. Next, assemble the canopy and down rod and push the wires through them. Lastly, mount the fan and then attach the fan blades. Mounting screws should be tightened securely. All wiring should be tested for the correct voltage before powering up the fan.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Flush Mount Installation

This should be no different from that of an indoor fan. Attach the mounting bracket to the junction box to install a flush-mount outdoor ceiling fan. Then, assemble and slide the fan motor assembly into place and secure it with the provided mounting screws. Connect all wiring as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions and power up the fan.


Outdoor ceiling fans provide a stylish way to keep your outdoor space comfortable and relaxed during the hot summer days. You can also choose from various options, such as outdoor fans with light, remote, flush-mount, or fans with a heater attached. When installing your outdoor ceiling fan, be sure to follow all safety precautions.