Retractable ceiling fans have been a go-to choice over normal ceiling fans for many modern households in the past years. Recognized for having both functionality and clean aesthetics, retractable ceiling fans are a must have for maintaining air circulation in rooms while keeping the electrical bill low. However, although being on the market for years some people are still unfamiliar with this new type of ceiling fan, others have never even heard of them. Let us go over and answer some of the most common questions asked about retractable ceiling fans below.



Do retractable ceiling fans work? 

In short, they do work. As the name implies, retractable ceiling fans have components which retract, namely the fan blades. When turned off the blades are not visible and hidden, they only extend out when the fan is turned on. Some may question how this compares to normal ceiling fans, how are they any better than normal fans. These are all questions that need to be answered and weighed before making a choice for which ceiling fan is best suited for your home.



Why should you own a retractable ceiling fan? What can you get from a retractable ceiling fan? What is a retractable ceiling fan? Which retractable ceiling fan should you buy? These are all questions that will be discussed and answered. Read the rest of this article to learn more.


What is a Retractable Ceiling Fan?

A retractable ceiling fan is a type of fan that consists of retractable blades. These fan blades extend out to circulate air when turned on and retract into the fan when turned off. The blades fully spread out as the fan spins when it is turned on. They come in different designs and sizes with multiple features to match your home.


What can you get from a Retractable Ceiling Fan?

When it comes to temperature control of a household there are two common choices which people go for, air conditioners or ceiling fans. Some individuals may question what’s the advantage of getting a retractable ceiling fan instead. How is it a better alternative choice compared to normal fans? While the main function of a retractable ceiling fan is to maintain air circulation in your house to keep it cool. There is also a plethora of other benefits you can get from a retractable ceiling fan, some of which include lowering your electric bill, lighting up your home, cooling your room quickly and more. Let’s go deeper into these points below.


Lowering your electric bill: One major benefit you can get from a retractable ceiling fan is that you can lower your electric bill. They are more energy efficient. With air moving within the room, retractable ceiling fans create what is called a wind chill effect where your skin feels its cooler compared to the actual temperature of the room. This allows you to have your thermostats set at higher temperatures during the summer and lower during the winter because heat is always evenly distributed in the room.



Cooling down your room quickly: Retractable ceiling fans keep constant air circulation within the room in order to even distribute heat. This allows your air conditioner to cool down the room faster and more efficiently since there is continuous air flow. With the help of a retractable ceiling fan, your air conditioners won’t need to work as hard to lower the temperature of your room.


Provide Ambient Light: Most retractable ceiling fans don’t only act as a source of wind, but also as a source of illumination. Many come with a built-in light that can be turned on with a remote control to be used by itself or altogether with the fan to provide light to your rooms.



Why should you own a Retractable Ceiling Fan?

While there are multiple advantages and benefits of a retractable ceiling fan, some still may question why they should own one. Retractable ceiling fans are a very good choice when you have a strict budget limit and are looking for an appliance that doesn’t have a high maintenance cost. Let us learn more about the reasons for owning a retractable ceiling fan below.

Budget Consideration: If you are running on a strict or tight budget, retractable ceiling fans are a go to choice. We all know that furnishing a household costs large amounts of money, there are always some things that don’t go according to plan when choosing furniture and appliances. Purchasing and installing air conditioners or regular fans can be expensive, usually costing thousands of dollars. Retractable ceiling fans are more cost efficient since the price of buying and installing one is normally equivalent to the price of just purchasing an AC.

Low Maintenance Costs: Retractable ceiling fans have low maintenance costs compared to air conditioners and normal ceiling fans. Since the fan consists of retractable blades that are hidden when not used, they don’t collect as much dust compared to normal fans where the blades are always exposed. When needed to be cleaned, you just need to wipe the retractable blades with a wet cloth. Air conditioners on the other hand require constant care, filters need to be changed, cleaning the interior is troublesome and usually require professional help, not to mention parts for repair are expensive. A retractable ceiling fan will allow you to save quite a bit of money since parts are easy to replace and can be cleaned by yourself at home.


Which Retractable Ceiling Fan Should You Buy?

There are a wide number of different retractable ceiling fans on the market, with different features, designs and sizes to choose from. So, which retractable fan should you buy? When choosing a retractable ceiling fan, you want a ceiling fan that looks good aesthetically, that’s affordable and functional. A retractable ceiling fan that fits all of the criterion is Warmiplanet’s 36-inch Retractable Ceiling Fan with Lights.

It comes with a 3000K 36W LED Warm light to provide a soothing ambient light in your room. The transparent fan blades are already attached onto the motor to save you the hassle on installation. When you aren’t using the fan, it looks and works like an elegant chandelier, ready to fit in perfectly in almost any room. The double layer lampshade design gives it a polished and stylish look. Its quiet motor and stable blades allow you to sleep soundly, as the noise of the fan is less than 50 decibels. Finally, just to add a cherry on top, you control the fan with a remote control. Check out Warmiplanet’s retractable ceiling fan here:


Retractable ceiling fans are a new stylish and cost-effective choice for keeping your house cool. This article explored and discussed what is a retractable ceiling fan, and what makes it the new go to choice over traditional ceiling fans. There are plenty of different choices on the market, so it is important to compare your choices carefully before deciding to purchase the right fan for your home. Feel free to checkout Warmiplanet’s website, we have a multiple of other ceiling fans and lights to choose from to provide style and functionality in your home. Thanks for reading!